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Most people with chronic sinus problems will suffer with regular congestion or infections or both for years.  Improper drainage of the sinuses can lead to chronic colds and flu, allergies, fatigue and more.

So what to do?
Take endless decongestants, antihistamines, and nasal steroids?
That will help you to contribute to the $5.8 billion a year that Americans spend on sinus treatments, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.
Use a neti pot or other nasal rinse device to try to keep your sinuses clear?
Or you could be one of the 500,000 Americans that have sinus surgery every year!
Some estimates say that up to 90% of sinus problems are really misdiagnosed headache syndromes.  For instance Traci a patient of mine for about a year is a 44 years old female who has battled chronic sinus infections, facial pressure, and headaches for over 10 yearsShe had sinus surgery about 8 years ago, and have used various kinds of antibiotics and medicated rinses, but found no relief. Along with sinus trouble, she has scoliosis and chronic neck and shoulder pain for over 15 years. She was constantly “popping” ibuprofen to help ease all the discomfort she was in. She was always achy, edgy, and tired! She found out about NUCCA and eventually, decided to call and see if this was something that could help her.

After a couple months, she really began to notice improvement in her neck mobility and pain. She felt as if it had been “unlocked” and she could move much more easily. Changing lanes on the freeway and backing out of a parking spot was easy again! As her neck pain improved, so did her shoulder pain. In fact, her scoliosis curve even improved!

Over time, as her adjustments starting holding longer and longer, her sinuses started to clear up as well. With NUCCA it is not about being adjusted 1000’s of times it is about getting your spine in to the proper position and keeping it that way so that it can heal and function the way the body is designed to.

She weaned herself from all sinus rinses and medications and haven’t had a sinus infection in 7 months. The facial pressure and headaches have decreased significantly and she definitely has more energy. She is even able to exercise again without chronic discomfort.

This is what she said recently…

“I am so grateful that I stuck with this treatment! I encourage everybody to stick with it, be patient, and follow all the suggestions from Dr. Davis. Give your body time to heal itself. It will be worth the commitment! Dr. Davis and Linde are kind, helpful, and very accommodating. NUCCA will truly help you feel better!!”

Can your body heal itself from a chronic sinus problem or other chronic condition?

Only one way to find out…take the next step and find a NUCCA doctor in your area to see if you have an Atlas Misalignment that is effecting the health and function of your body.

Go to www.nuccawellness.com to schedule an evaluation today!

Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Vista Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist. He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista. He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at http://www.nuccawellness.com

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Dr. Davis here from Vista CA…

Frequently in my practice I will see certain symptoms go together…see our post on the distribution of nerves to see why (https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/pinched-nerve-or-nerve-interference-part-1/).  One that will commonly go together is sinus problems, neck problems and headaches.  When these symptoms are present the underlying cause is frequently an upper neck misalignment that is putting pressure on the nerves in that area.  As these spine and nerve problems are corrected the nervous system will begin to function better and frequently the symptoms will go away.  The maybe it will go away philosophy doesn’t work…logic tells us that if what’s causing it doesn’t go away…it doesn’t go away either!  Here is one such example from our office this past week…. 

“I came into the office with constant neck and shoulder stiffness.  It started about 8 years ago and was getting worse.  By the time I came into see Dr. Davis I was seeing the pain travel down between the shoulder blades and down the right arm.  I also had severe sinus congestion and fatigue. 

 Since beginning care not only can I move my head and neck more freely and the pain is much better but I am sleeping so much better, handling stress more effectively, my sinus congestion and headaches are significantly decreased.  I have had fewer colds and flus and even my balance is significantly improved!

 I feel so much better overall!  More relaxed, rested, I can walk and move around much easier.  I am so much more comfortable physically since I am in alignment.”

Sandra S.                     August 2010

Isn’t it time to find out what’s causing that health problem that you are suffering with?  Check out our evaluation special at www.nuccawellness.com to see if NUCCA Chiropractic care is right for you.

Dr. Davis

Upper Cervical Specialist

Vista CA


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Dr. Davis here…

Have you ever said “I’ve never been the same since that car accident”?  Frequently someone will be involved in a car crash that will significantly impact their body.  They may think “it will just go away with time”…only to never see it go away.  What logic tells us is if what’s causing it doesn’t go away…it won’t go away either.  If the upper cervical spine is injured by a car crash the spine and the nerves will never be the same until that injury is corrected and the body can get a chance to heal again.  This was the cause with Linda…she was involved in a head on collision more than 40 years ago and was never the same.  Here is her story…

Neck Pain and Headaches for 42 years

“I first came to see Dr. Davis at my daughter’s referral.  I had neck pain and headaches for over 40 years since I had a head on collision.  More recently it had gotten worse.  I was now getting a new sharper pain in my neck and severe muscle spasms and headaches into my left ear.  Both of my arms were having numbness and tingling in them…the left was worse.  I also noticed that I was getting a lot of congestion in my sinuses.

Since beginning care at Breath of Life over 80% of my neck pain, headaches are gone.  I am only 3 months into my care and I continue to improve.  My numbness and tingling in my arms has subsided.  I am feeling significantly more relaxed, rested, and stronger.  My moods are much better, my digestion and breathing is much improved.  And my sinuses are much clearer.”

Linda G.             August 2010

When the upper neck has been damaged due to accidents and injuries only a trained upper cervical specialist will be able to correct those underlying problems and start a person toward better health and well-being.

If you are in the San Diego County area check out this site for an evaluation special to see if Upper Cervical Care is right for you… www.chiropractorvista.com.  If you are in another area of the country go to www.upcspine.com to find an Upper Cervical Specialist in your area.

Dr. Davis

Upper Cervical Specialist

Vista CA

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 Dr. Davis here from Vista CA…

Want to catch a cold follow these easy steps!


 Want to catch a cold? Follow these easy steps!  

Some people seem to expect a bout with a cold or the flu each year.  If you haven’t had your quota yet, here are some things you can do: 

  1. Eat a poor diet. If you want to catch a cold, make sure your body lacks the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep itself in good repair. Eat lots of processed foods, stripped of their nutritional value. Avoid fresh vegetables and ingest lots of high-fat snack foods.
  2. Avoid adequate rest. After neglecting the quality of the raw materials your body needs to repair itself, deprive yourself of adequate rest. Stay up late and reduce the time you sleep as much as possible. Use tobacco, coffee and other stimulants to fool yourself into thinking you have plenty of energy.
  3. Stop exercising. To catch a cold, make sure you reduce the effectiveness of your immune and lymphatic systems. Unlike the circulatory system with its pump (the heart), your lymphatic system depends upon exercise and physical movement to circulate these valuable fluids with their germ-fighting abilities.
  4. Rarely wash your hands. Increase your chances of catching a cold by compromising your personal hygiene. Remember to use your dirty hands and fingers to rub your eyes, pick your nose or wipe your lips.
  5. Think negative thoughts. Look for opportunities to imagine having a cold. Pay attention to news reports about outbreaks of the flu and pay close attention to TV commercials from drug companies that sell products designed for cold sufferers.
  6. Invite stress. Stress yourself physically by experiencing extreme temperature and humidity changes. Stress yourself mentally with constant worry or fear. Stress yourself socially by encountering as many ill people as possible.
  7. Become dehydrated. Avoid drinking enough water. Reduce the effectiveness of your immune system and other bodily functions by drinking water-removing diuretics such as caffienated beverages, coffee, tea and alcohol.
  8. Ignore your spine and nerve system. Ignore the role of a properly operating nervous system, the master control of your immune system.  

Of course we’re joking!  

The only way to catch a cold or the flu is to make yourself a hospitable host to the millions of cold and flu germs around you every day. 

God Bless and Be Well, 

 Dr. Bill Davis 

Upper Cervical Specialist-NUCCA Procedure 

Vista CA 


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Dr. Davis here from Vista…The Nervous system is the master system of the entire body.  When the spine has become misaligned (see a recent article https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/is-one-of-your-legs-shorter-than-the-other/) the nervous system which is the brain, the brain stem, the spinal cord and the nerves that go out into the body become less functional and eventually symptoms begin to present themselves.  Which symptoms?  Depends on the person…everyone is different.  However the misalignment of the spine beginning in the upper neck is what changes everything.  Because upper neck misalignments have the most far-reaching effects on the body.  There are 300 Trillion nerves that pass through this fuse box of the body located just below the skull.  Because these upper neck misalignments also cause the most compensations throughout the rest of the spinal column the conditions that can result are numerous.  In my office, I have seen everything from Plantar Fascitis, a foot problem to Ringing in the Ears respond to an upper neck correction that changes the entire body.

So lets look at the distribution of the peripheral nerves and what types of conditions can result from problems in different areas…

First…there are 3 nerves that come out of the neck into the head…

  • One supplies the muscles of the scalp and the inner and middle ear-this can lead to conditions like stress headaches, dizziness, dis-equilibrium, ear infections and ringing in the ears
  • The next supplies the sinuses and eyes-dysfunction here can lead to sinus problems-infections & congestion, allergies, vascular congestion and hay fever
  • Then the third nerve goes to the teeth, gums and jaw-this can be associated with jaw pain or TMJ, clicking, face pain, teeth pain etc.

The next nerve goes to supply the muscles of the neck-problems here can lead to stiffness and pain in the neck

Next we have 3 nerves that come out of the neck and go into the arms

  • The first goes across the shoulder, down the arm and into the thumb & first two fingers-problems here can cause shoulder pain, arm pain or weakness and numbness and tingling into the arm and hand
  • The second goes down the middle of the arm and into the middle two fingers-problems here can lead to numbness or tingling, pain or weakness into the arm or hand
  • The third goes into the thyroid, under the shoulder-blade, under the arm, into the elbow, and into the last three fingers-this can create thyroid dysfunction, pain between the shoulder blades, numbness, tingling, pain or weakness into the elbow, arm or hand

Next time we will look at where the rest of these nerves go in part 2 of this blog post…

If you know someone who is struggling with one of the conditions listed above or many of them…an Atlas misalignment could be the cause…get your spine and nerve system evaluated today….Breath of Life in Vista CA is a good place to start if you are in the San Diego County area.  Anywhere else go to www.nucca.org to find a doc in your area.

God Bless and Be Well,

Dr. Davis

Breath of Life, Upper Cervical Care 760-945-1345

161 Thunder Drive, Suite 104, Vista CA 92083

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Dr. Davis here from Vista…On this blog we frequently speak of the misaligned spine and how it affects the health and function of our bodies.  Over the weekend I spent some time with a legendary NUCCA Doctor named Dr. Robert Brooks and he broke down the misaligned spine into such a clear and precise way that I wanted to share it with you…

The first thing that happens is there is an accident or injury that tears loose the connective tissue that holds the spine together.  This creates a weakness that allows the spine to break down and lock into a stressed position.  Lying down one of the legs is shorter and one is longer, standing up one hip is higher and one is lower, the head is tilted to the side, there is a twisting of the frame of the body…muscles are imbalanced, movement is abnormal and it creates a progressive condition that over time will wear down the structures of the body.

The key to understanding why the misaligned spine is so devastating to the function of the body is to see how closely related the nervous system is to the structure of the body.  When the structure is misaligned it can affect the brain, brainstem, the spinal cord and the nerves that make your body work.  Nerves from the brain primarily do 4 things..

1.  Every movement we make is from a nerve

2.  Everything that we sense or feel

3.  Control and regulation of every body function: (digestion, circulation, respiration, reproduction, body chemistry, etc.)

4.  And how we relate to the outside world is through the nervous system

So how many different problems could be associated with a misaligned spine?  There are over 100 different conditions in the literature that have either been directly caused by misalignments in the spine or associated with the misalignment.

How important is it to have your spine in alignment?  It is a no brainer to keep your spine in alignment throughout life.  Why is NUCCA so effective at restoring the spine to its normal position and then keeping it there throughout life?  In order to balance the spine the head must be balanced over the top of the spine.  Where the head goes the rest of the spine will follow.  If the atlas which sits underneath the head has been misaligned by accidents or injuries usually to the head, neck or spine then that will begin to shift the alignment of the entire rest of the spinal column creating an imbalance at the pelvis and an apparent short leg.  Many people will say that they can get those legs even…but how long will they stay that way?  That is the difference with upper cervical procedures like NUCCA and Orthospinology is the stability of the alignment after the correction.

Manipulation feels good and helps lots of people…but I don’t want to have to get adjusted once or twice a week to maintain my alignment.  I would rather have a long-term solution…like NUCCA.

Find out more at Upper Cervical Healthcare Simplified or www.nuccawellness.com or call to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate for NUCCA spinal care today!!!   760-945-1345

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Here is another great story of health and well being restored through NUCCA care…read Lourdes story below…

“When I first came to see Dr. Davis as was having right arm pain and weakness and tingling, facial pain, left jaw pain, sinus problems, sleeping problems and a vibratory feeling throughout my body!  Since I started with the adjustments a month and a half ago I am able to sleep better and more deeply, my sinuses are finally clear!  It is such a relief after suffering for so many years with this condition.  My arm is stronger and I can move it freely without pain.  No more trembling throughout my body or numbness at the tip of the fingers.  I am breathing so much better and have seen so many other changes in my quality of life and the health of my body. 

 I would encourage anyone to definitely try this type of care with the expectation that you are going to see good results with your problem and your overall health.  I love sharing my testimony of my successful experience with my family, friends, and co-workers.  I highly recommend Dr. Davis because he is not only an experienced Doctor who knows what he is doing but also an honest and compassionate person.

 I have really enjoyed my experience at Breath of Life.  Both Dr. Davis and Linde are very kind.  All parts of your care are very well explained.  I have also enjoyed the environment of the office from the nice music, the reading material, to the comfortable and cozy chairs for relaxing after the adjustment.”

Lourdes A.

Is your body working the way that it was designed?  If not, find out if NUCCA care could help you live the life that you were designed for….760-945-1345  www.nuccawellness.com

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Dr. Davis here from Vista CA…

While there are many different causes of headaches…there has never been a documented case where the underlying cause was Advil defiency!?!  Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol is only masking your symptoms while the underlying cause continues to worsen.  While I have seen amazing results in my own patients with headaches, there is also a growing body of other research that shows that chiropractic adjustments are very effective for headaches.  Reports documenting successful treatment of patients with headaches using upper cervical chiropractic care are many, including seeing positive results (symptoms were dramatically improved and/or eliminated) achieved in approximately 1000 headache cases (from The Palmer Research Clinic) whose upper cervical subluxations were corrected.

Other studies…

“Researchers found that chiropractic patients experienced fewer side effects (than medication) and while both were effective during the treatment phase of the study, only the chiropractic patients continued to report fewer headaches when treatment ended.” [Boline, PD, Kassak, K, et al. “Journal of Manipulative and Physiological thereapeutics.” March/April 1995; Vol 18, No 3, pp. 148-154]

“Based on literature review of several headache treatment options, a panel of 19 multidisciplinary experts concluded that spinal adjustments resulted in almost immediate improvement for cervicogenic headaches and had significantly fewer side effects and longer lasting relief of tension type headache than a commonly prescribed medication.” [McCrory DC, et al. “Evidence Report: Behavioral and Physical Treatments for Tension type and Cervicogenic Headache.” Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center, Durham, North Carolina, January 2001.]

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is extremely effective in correcting the underlying cause of a variety of different headaches.  Who do you know that is struggling with chronic headaches?  Tell a Friend today!  760-945-1345

Here is some more info on upper cervical chiropractic and headaches…


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Head trauma and Fibromyalgia frequently go hand in hand.  15 years ago after a severe fall Lynn began developing Fibromyalgia type pains throughout her body, allergies, headaches and more.  By realigning the Atlas with Upper Cervical Care, Lynn is getting her life back…here is her amazing story…

“I came into Dr. Davis’ office with Fibromyalgia pain, allergies, low back pain and headaches.  After my very first visit I found that the congestion in my sinuses was cleared.  I could breath so much deeper.  After 15+ years of taking allergy medication, I no longer need them!! 

 I am sleeping sounder and I don’t have muscle spasms in my back anymore!

I have more energy to exercise.  I have been able to garden and do yard work without back pain!  It used to take a week to recover from 2 hours of gardening!

 Dr. Davis truly cares about his patients well being.  He explains everything and takes his time with you.  The relaxed, calm and caring atmosphere is wonderful!  And Linde’s smile is such a blessing.

 I got my life back!

 I love to serve the Lord and now I can do it without the pain!”

Lynn D.                                                           April 16th, 2010

What an awesome story of the power of God that made the body is the power of God that heals the body.  If you have a friend or family member who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia following a physical trauma such as car crash or fall, than Upper Cervical Care could be the answer to the mystery! 

Tell a friend today!


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Dr. Davis here from Vista…..There is 2 main things that keep people from getting health problems properly evaluated…one is procrastination (maybe it will go away) the other is money.  But what is your health worth to you?  What do we spend money on?  Starbucks?  Dinners out?  Cable TV?  We spend much more money on the house that we live in 10 hours a day then the body we spend in 24 hours a day.  Think about it…our health is much more important than most of us realize…when you lose your health that definately gets your attention here is one such example from our office at Breath of Life…

“After falling down some stairs I suffered with upper back pain for several years.  I tried regular chiropractic adjustments but they didn’t help.  Then I hurt my lower back and was completely flat for several weeks.  The medicine the medical doctors gave me caused more problems, including an allergic reaction to the steroid that is commonly used for inflammation.  I was completely incapacitated for over 6 weeks and had a severe headache for 5 ½ months!  After every test imaginable and trying several medications, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture I had just given up.  I was to the point that I didn’t care what the diagnosis was as long as I knew what was causing my severe pain, imbalance, lack of coordination and extreme fatigue. 

 Then a dear friend, who had previously told me about Dr. Davis, had him send me a letter about his evaluation special.  I really didn’t expect any help but figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  I began with an attitude that this too would not work….Boy was I wrong!  From the very first treatment I felt some relief.  After the first three treatments I was completely sold on the NUCCA process.  There was no cracking, popping or pills, just a very gentle motion that has made a world of difference in my life! 

 I not only have no pain, my sinuses are clear and my balance and coordination is greatly improved.  It’s amazing the first day you wake up and realize that something is strangely different-you have no pain!

 It’s wonderful to be pain free and to actually live a wonderful outgoing life again.  In fact, were going to Disneyland with our son and his family in a few weeks.  This never would have been possible before my treatments with Dr. Davis.

For the doubters like I was-you have nothing to lose and everything to gain-an active, healthy, wonderful life!”

Linda D.  November 2009

Call today for the evaluation special Linda mentioned $20 for Consultation, Exam and necesary X-rays (regularly $220) only available for the readers of this blog entry…

schedule your appointment today at


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