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Hope is a very powerful emotion.  John Maxwell once said “when there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.”  Many patients come into my office as a last hope.  They may have tried the medical approach, alternative approaches and even other chiropractic approaches.  But when they hear about NUCCA, a sliver of hope is born.  NUCCA is a form of care that is focused on restoring the heavy head to a centered and balanced position on top of the neck.  The rehabilitative process that ensues once the underlying problem is identified is truly amazing.  As the brain can begin to send proper messages to all areas of the body, hundreds of different conditions have responded to properly aligning the head and the neck. 

Typically accidents or injuries will tear loose the connective tissue that holds the spine in place which will lead to a weakness in the spine at the level of the atlas the top bone in the spine.  This weakness will allow the weight of the head to shift from center and begin a cascade of compensations throughout the body leading to pain frequently and poor health.

A great example of this is a recent patient of ours who was struggling with a chronic mid-back pain.  He had a series of dirt bike accidents that had led to the instability and misalignment in his spine.  At 20 years old he had already tried many different treatments including physical therapy, stretching, exercises and medications.  But until the underlying cause was properly identified and corrected the problems continued to plague him.  T.J. was losing hope that he would ever be free from this pain and able to work and exercise like a 20-year-old should.  Here is his story…

When I first came to Breath of Life, I was suffering from extreme back pain that was resulting from motorcycle crashes and weight lifting injuries. I had been to other doctors and took medication all in hopes of finding relief, but nothing worked. I looked to NUCCA Chiropractic as a last attempt to find relief.

I have seen many improvements in my health since starting NUCCA care. Not just in my back, but in my energy level, mood and overall well-being.

I am now able to lift weights without worrying about starting another flare up. At work I am so much better now, that I am pain-free and I am even nicer more of the time. I never realized how much being misaligned affected my moods.

If I see someone who is suffering from any kind of pain that they don’t know how to alleviate, I tell them to try NUCCA, because it worked wonders for me when I had no hope.

I now look forward to every adjustment. Knowing that when my body is in alignment I will always leave feeling so relaxed and in the best mood!

Do you know someone who has lost hope?  NUCCA may be the answer.  Find out today by scheduling an evaluation at www.nuccawellness.com

Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Vista Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist. He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista. He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at http://www.nuccawellness.com


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Woman pregnancy month by month.

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Back pain in pregnancy is very common. It is estimated that between 50% and 80% of women experience some form of back pain during pregnancy.  Such pain can range from mild pain associated with specific activities to acute back pain that can become chronic back pain if not properly addressed.

Studies show that lower back pain in pregnancy usually occurs between the fifth and seventh month of being pregnant. In some cases, pregnancy pain in the lower back can begin as early as 8 to 12 weeks after becoming pregnant.  Women with pre-existing lower back problems are at higher risk for back pain, and their back pain can occur earlier in the pregnancy.

Neck and Mid-Back pain are also common during pregnancy.  When a woman’s body begins to change during pregnancy, pre-existing spinal misalignments have a tendency to get worse.  As the center of gravity begins to change, ligamentous structure and hormones begin to be altered.

Most women respond very well to upper cervical chiropractic during pregnancy.  conditions like sciatica, back and neck pain, digestive issues and headaches are just a few of the conditions that pregnant women see terrific results.

The results of upper cervical chiropractic is an aligned spine and pelvis which can make for a much easier delivery for both Mom and baby.  Recently had a Mom who was properly aligned with her second pregnancy.  She reported that the delivery was much easier and required no forceps or vacuum extraction.

In my office we are blessed to help many women who are pregnant with a variety of different health issues.  Frequently we can work without x-rays initially based on the situation.  Ivette is one of our patients who began her care when she was pregnant and is so glad that she did.  Here is her story…

“When I first started my treatment with Doctor Davis I had problems with my upper back and neck area, my lower back and my right hand would get numb and there were times when I couldn’t move it at all.  I also had a lot of digestive problems.

 I decided to come because my Mom was doing so well with her therapy.  When I first came in I was 2 months pregnant with my second child and immediately I started to notice a difference in all of the symptoms. 

 Even my morning sickness greatly improved!

 I would not only recommend the therapy that NUCCA Chiropractors offer but I would highly recommend Dr. Davis’s office.  The whole staff truly cares about their patients.

 Now thanks to them I am finally in control of not only my health but also my life!”

If you or someone you know is pregnant, it’s a great time to get your spine in proper alignment!

Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Carlsbad Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist. He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista. He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at http://www.nuccawellness.com

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Occiput Atlas

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Dr. Davis here from Vista CA… 

One of the most common symptoms that a person that has an Atlas Subluxation Complex will complain of is fatigue or low energy.  Frequently a person will be struggling with another health issue such as headaches, neck pain, numbness  or something else and they will just casually mention that they are also fatigued regularly.  An Upper Cervical misalignment will cause pressure on the brain stem.  Brain stem pressure causes all kinds of conditions in the body including low energy.  The good news is that when the brain stem pressure is removed and the body begins to heal…one of the first consequences is increased energy!  Here is one such story from our office this week…Liz was sick and tired of being stuck in a sick and painful body…thank God her Mother who has been a NUCCA patient for about 30 years told her about our office… 

My Mom referred me to Dr. Davis because I had constant upper back and shoulder pain, numbness and stinging in the arm.  I was unable to turn my neck for days or weeks at a time.  I was also having lower back pain and random sharp pains, throbbing aches throughout my body.  After sitting for 15-20 minutes…when I went to get up I would feel like a really old car that needed some warming up to get going! 

Now ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS ARE GONE!!!  Even my hot flashes are less intense, no more pain pills J  And I have 10 times the energy that I did before seeing Dr. Davis! 

If you are sick of being trapped in your sick and painful body…try NUCCA with Dr. Davis!!!  It’s nice to see a doctor who looks you in the eyes and actually listens to what you are saying and feeling…that’s rare these days!  

I would say to someone unsure about treatment…step outside the regular medical box and give NUCCA a try…”you’ll be shouting from the rooftops…because you’ll feel better!” 

Thank you Linde for always being so sweet and helpful and thank you Dr. Davis…I feel wonderful!!  NUCCA Rocks!!!” 

                                                                                                                                                      Liz A.  September 2010 

What a blessing it is to take care of someone like Liz!  She loves to tell people about NUCCA!  She has already referred 4-5 people to our office in just the past few months since she has been under care.  If you can relate to Liz’s story than NUCCA may be the answer to your health problems as well!  Find out more at www.nuccawellness.com or www.nucca.org or www.upcspine.com

Getting your head on straight, changes everything! 

Dr. Bill Davis 

Upper Cervical Specialist 

Breath of Life NUCCA Chiropractic 


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Dr. Davis here from Vista CA…

Frequently in my practice I will see certain symptoms go together…see our post on the distribution of nerves to see why (https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/pinched-nerve-or-nerve-interference-part-1/).  One that will commonly go together is sinus problems, neck problems and headaches.  When these symptoms are present the underlying cause is frequently an upper neck misalignment that is putting pressure on the nerves in that area.  As these spine and nerve problems are corrected the nervous system will begin to function better and frequently the symptoms will go away.  The maybe it will go away philosophy doesn’t work…logic tells us that if what’s causing it doesn’t go away…it doesn’t go away either!  Here is one such example from our office this past week…. 

“I came into the office with constant neck and shoulder stiffness.  It started about 8 years ago and was getting worse.  By the time I came into see Dr. Davis I was seeing the pain travel down between the shoulder blades and down the right arm.  I also had severe sinus congestion and fatigue. 

 Since beginning care not only can I move my head and neck more freely and the pain is much better but I am sleeping so much better, handling stress more effectively, my sinus congestion and headaches are significantly decreased.  I have had fewer colds and flus and even my balance is significantly improved!

 I feel so much better overall!  More relaxed, rested, I can walk and move around much easier.  I am so much more comfortable physically since I am in alignment.”

Sandra S.                     August 2010

Isn’t it time to find out what’s causing that health problem that you are suffering with?  Check out our evaluation special at www.nuccawellness.com to see if NUCCA Chiropractic care is right for you.

Dr. Davis

Upper Cervical Specialist

Vista CA


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Dr. Davis here from Vista…The Nervous system is the master system of the entire body.  When the spine has become misaligned (see a recent article https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/07/13/is-one-of-your-legs-shorter-than-the-other/) the nervous system which is the brain, the brain stem, the spinal cord and the nerves that go out into the body become less functional and eventually symptoms begin to present themselves.  Which symptoms?  Depends on the person…everyone is different.  However the misalignment of the spine beginning in the upper neck is what changes everything.  Because upper neck misalignments have the most far-reaching effects on the body.  There are 300 Trillion nerves that pass through this fuse box of the body located just below the skull.  Because these upper neck misalignments also cause the most compensations throughout the rest of the spinal column the conditions that can result are numerous.  In my office, I have seen everything from Plantar Fascitis, a foot problem to Ringing in the Ears respond to an upper neck correction that changes the entire body.

So lets look at the distribution of the peripheral nerves and what types of conditions can result from problems in different areas…

First…there are 3 nerves that come out of the neck into the head…

  • One supplies the muscles of the scalp and the inner and middle ear-this can lead to conditions like stress headaches, dizziness, dis-equilibrium, ear infections and ringing in the ears
  • The next supplies the sinuses and eyes-dysfunction here can lead to sinus problems-infections & congestion, allergies, vascular congestion and hay fever
  • Then the third nerve goes to the teeth, gums and jaw-this can be associated with jaw pain or TMJ, clicking, face pain, teeth pain etc.

The next nerve goes to supply the muscles of the neck-problems here can lead to stiffness and pain in the neck

Next we have 3 nerves that come out of the neck and go into the arms

  • The first goes across the shoulder, down the arm and into the thumb & first two fingers-problems here can cause shoulder pain, arm pain or weakness and numbness and tingling into the arm and hand
  • The second goes down the middle of the arm and into the middle two fingers-problems here can lead to numbness or tingling, pain or weakness into the arm or hand
  • The third goes into the thyroid, under the shoulder-blade, under the arm, into the elbow, and into the last three fingers-this can create thyroid dysfunction, pain between the shoulder blades, numbness, tingling, pain or weakness into the elbow, arm or hand

Next time we will look at where the rest of these nerves go in part 2 of this blog post…

If you know someone who is struggling with one of the conditions listed above or many of them…an Atlas misalignment could be the cause…get your spine and nerve system evaluated today….Breath of Life in Vista CA is a good place to start if you are in the San Diego County area.  Anywhere else go to www.nucca.org to find a doc in your area.

God Bless and Be Well,

Dr. Davis

Breath of Life, Upper Cervical Care 760-945-1345

161 Thunder Drive, Suite 104, Vista CA 92083

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Dr. Davis here again from Vista…You know there are many different type of chiropractic care out there….why do I choose to practice NUCCA?  Because it is reproducible, predictable, measurable and extremely effective.  NUCCA frequently works where others approaches haven’t…as in Janna’s experience below.  She had seen several other chiropractors and other types of practitioners…but only the NUCCA method was able to give her long lasting results…check out her story below…

 “When I first came to Breath of Life Chiropractic as was having mid to lower back pain and stiffness constantly for approximately 15-20 years.  I was also having headaches on a weekly basis for the past 10 years.  I was tired of complaining about being in pain to my husband and my family.

Since starting care my headaches have almost completely disappeared!  I have no back pain!  I am sleeping so much better than before.

 I would just encourage people to try for themselves this care, to see how well this type of Chiropractic care really works!  I have really enjoyed the friendly staff at Breath of Life Chiropractic and the calm relaxing environment.”

Janna S.                                                                           Carlsbad CA

You may have tried chiropractic approaches that attempt to force the spine back into place.  That is not what the NUCCA System does!  There is no popping, cracking or twisting of the spine…NUCCA uses the principles of physics, mathematics and biomechanics to work with your body to shift the spine back into a normal alignment.  Just like Spinal Engineering!!!

To find out more about NUCCA take a look around the blog or give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if you are a good candidate for NUCCA today…760-945-1345
Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Carlsbad Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist. He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista. He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at http://www.nuccawellness.com

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Many of our patients are skeptical about what we do here at Breath of Life.  Because what we do here is different…we are not going to give you any medications, we are not going to do surgery on you, we are not going to pop, crack, twist, or pull on your head, neck or spine.  What we are going to do is we are going to make a specific correction on the problems on the spine and allow your body to begin the healing process.  As the body stays in normal alignment longer and longer periods of time the body gets healthier and healthier.  Simple as that!

Some of the most important things in life are the most profound…Corey find that out after being a patient at Breath of Life.  Here is his story…

“I had bad back pain from neck to tail bone.  It was uncomfortable to sleep, walk, get dressed and drive!  It was my hope that the pain would go away and I would regain my flexibility again.  Since I began care I have regained my flexibility and my pain is gone! 

But, I have also noticed decreased headaches, my sleep is better and I have more energy!  If anyone is looking to get their body balanced and regain their healthy lifestyle again…then I would highly recommend that you schedule a consultation.  I admit I was skeptical at first, but it really works! 

Thank you Dr. Davis the results I have seen have been amazing!”

Corey M.                                                                                Carlsbad CA

Who do you know who’s skepticism is keeping them from getting the help they need?  Tell a friend about this blog post or others like it (https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/sceptical-about-upper-cervical-care-this-story-is-for-you/) and get them to find the cause of their problem today!

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