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Dr. Davis here from Vista California…

Most of our patients come to us from referral…that was the case with Jeannine.  She saw her daughter’s life dramatically changed with Upper Cervical Care (read Lynn’s story here… https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/04/17/i-got-my-life-back-from-fibromyalgia-allergies-and-more/) and she wanted to see if NUCCA could help her with a number of health problems.  She got even more than she expected when she got her head on straight…because when the head’s on straight…everything changes!!!

Read Jeannine’s story here…

“I came to see Dr. Davis after seeing that my daughter was able to get rid of her Fibromyalgia and Allergies.  And I wanted to see if he could help me also with my health.  So I went to Dr. Davis.  At first I noticed that I was breathing better and I felt brighter, then I realized that my car didn’t have such big blind spots!  I could move my head and neck around the way that I should…my shoulders and neck were unlocked!  What a difference!

 I also had severe leg cramps from my ankle to my butt…and in a few visits guess what?  No more leg cramps…Just fantastic!  I feel 10 years younger! 

Yes for Dr. Davis…God Bless him always.”

Jeannine K.                                                            July 2010

Who do you know that is struggling with their health?  Do you feel older than you should?  Find out if NUCCA could help you Live Better, Work Better, Play Better and Serve Better!

Go to our website today to find out more info at www.chiropractorvista.com

God Bless and Be Well,

Dr. Bill Davis

Upper Cervical Specialist

NUCCA Procedure

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blood pressure measurement

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Dr. Davis here again from Vista CA…Recently, we took a look at what the research is showing regarding the connection between the upper cervical spine and blood flow to and from the brain and how that is an important factor in how trauma can induce conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Migraine Headaches.  And how when the traumatically induced upper cervical spine injuries are corrected and the underlying cause is identified frequently all or most of these debilitating conditions go away.

Well now we look at another major health issue in America…High Blood Pressure.  In my own office I have seen patients blood pressure drop by over 30 points in the systolic when the upper neck misalignment is corrected.

Looking again at what the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (ucrf.org)  found in their research with Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PC MR).  It demonstrated the change in blood flow from the brain in Migraine patients and how all Migraines went away when the upper neck misalignment was corrected…they stated “These results coupled with previously documented normalization of blood pressure in a randomized double-blind study indicate a casual physiologic and measurable effect occurs after the correction of an Atlas misalignment….Possible Atlas misalignment interaction with the Trigeminovascular System via decreased intracranial compliance may produce neural influences on cerebral circulation as proposed by Dr. Goadsby providing impetus for further study…”

So what is the research that they are referring to regarding blood pressure?  

Researchers at the Hypertension Center at the University of Chicago Medical Center reported stunning reductions in the blood pressure of patients afflicted with hypertension following NUCCA chiropractic care.

 In the study – published in the March 2, 2007 issue of The Journal of Human Hypertension and featured on WebMD, Good Morning America and other sources – 50 patients with hypertension were divided into two groups of 25 each.  One group of 25 received a NUCCA spinal correction to the atlas vertebra (uppermost bone in the neck).  This vertebra holds up the head and only relies on soft tissue to maintain alignment.  Misalignment, also known as subluxation, usually goes undiagnosed and causes no pain or discomfort. The other group of 25 received a similar procedure but with no adjustment being given. Researchers called this procedure the “sham adjustment.” Since the type of adjustment given was very light force, the patients involved in this study did not know if they were receiving the real or sham adjustments.

After 8 weeks of care, the 25 people in the group receiving the real chiropractic adjustments all showed a significant reduction in blood pressure compared to the group that received the sham adjustment. Those patients who got the real adjustment showed an average of 14 mm Hg greater drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number in a blood pressure count), and an average of 8 mm Hg greater drop in diastolic blood pressure (the bottom blood pressure number) over those who got the fake or sham adjustment.

X-rays confirmed that the adjustments actually changed the position of the atlas vertebra among those in the study group.  The study leader reported that the procedure had the effect of not one, but two blood pressure medications given in combination.  And, his team reported no side effects whatsoever from the adjustment.

So if this NUCCA Procedure has been shown to reduce blood pressure, effect the blood flow from the brain in Migraine patients and influence Multiple Sclerosis and many other conditions that effect millions of Americans…why hasn’t hardly anyone heard of it?

Good question…Tell a Friend about NUCCA today!

Dr. Bill Davis

Upper Cervical Specialist-NUCCA Procedure








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The vertebral vein.

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So what does Multiple Sclerosis have to do with Migraine Headaches?  New research is now providing a possible explanation of the correlation between MS & Migraine sufferers and how Upper Cervical Specialists are able to get such good results with the correction of Atlas misalignments in both conditions.  The Upper Cervical Research Foundation (ucrf.org) has been doing some very interesting research with Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (PC MR) lately.

In their paper Changes in Cerebral Blood Flow Patterns and Velocities of Migraine Subjects Following an Atlas Correction they stated “Results of a case study describing a subject diagnosed with migraine headache (without aura) reveal compelling results obtained with Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Angiography (PC MR). The subject was evaluated using the protocol of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) to determine the presence of an Atlas misalignment. After Atlas correction, a follow-up PC MR Study demonstrated changes in cerebral venous outflow. A change in vessel outflow pattern from a jugular to the paravertebral plexus route was discerned. Venous flow rate and vessel pulsatility decreased as well as cerebrospinal flow rate across the Atlas (C-1) vertebra. Most significantly, the imaging procedure measured a distinct decrease in intracranial compliance. The subject obtained relief from migraine headache pain consistent to maintenance of his Atlas correction by the end of thirty days. The PC MR exam continued to show improvement of the hemodynamic parameters measured over the 16-week study period consistent to maintenance of Atlas alignment.”

What does that all mean in english…if you correct problems with the alignment of the bones at the top of the neck with a precise form of chiropractic care called NUCCA then it changes the blood flow from the brain to the body.  And since Migraine headaches are frequently vascular in origin…changing the blood flow from the brain is important and can take away the migraines completely…as in this case study and many others.  I have seen in my own office someone who has had Migraines for 50 years have them go away after restoring the proper alignment of the atlas.  Another patient who was getting up to 30 Migraines a month had her Migraines completely go away after properly aligning the Atlas.

So what does this all have to do with Multiple Sclerosis?

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI), is a reported abnormality in blood drainage from the brain and spinal cord, this may contribute to nervous system damage in MS.  CCSVI has been getting a lot of press recently because Dr. Paolo Zamboni from the University of Ferrara in Italy published his initial findings in June 2009 from a study of approximately 65 patients.  Based on the results of preliminary research which has been published in respected peer journals, Dr. Zamboni and others have recommended larger scale studies to determine if CCSVI may be treated through an endovascular surgical procedure, which involves inserting a tiny balloon or stent into blocked veins in order to improve the flow of blood out of the brain and spinal cord.  This procedure produced complete remissions in MS in 90% of the participants of the study!

My question is why are the veins blocked to begin with?  What has occurred that has led to the changes in the veins?  Instead of forcing the veins open with a stent…why not correct the underlying cause of the malformation?

Then you look at Dr. Erin Elster’s research with trauma and multiple sclerosis where she found that 90% of patients diagnosed with MS have had a trauma to the head or neck prior to the onset of the symptoms. And when x-rayed these patients have a clearly misaligned spine that is putting pressure on the nervous system and the blood vessels.  When these misalignments of the upper cervical spine are corrected over 90% of the patients in her study had results.  Some patients were able to get out of their wheelchairs!

What happened to them?  The same thing that Dr. Zamboni was doing…changing the blood flow from the brain to the body.  Only in Dr. Elster’s results she wasn’t artificially forcing the vessels open she was correcting the underlying cause of the vessels malformation!

Now not all MS patients responded to either of the treatment options…and perhaps there are other factors involved…but wouldn’t it make sense if you have MS or Migraine headaches to have an upper neck evaluation by an upper cervical specialist?  Especially if you have a history of head or neck trauma?

If you are in the San Diego County area call the office or go to www.nuccawellness.com to get a complimentary consultation to see if you have an Upper Cervical Misalignment.  If not, go to www.nucca.org or www.upcspine.com to find a Doctor in your area.

The longer you wait the more damage is done…put your scepticism aside and see if you can be helped!

Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Oceanside Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist. He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista. He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at http://www.nuccawellness.com  





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One of the most common complaints voiced by women in our practice is that they are always so tired. Many women feel tired much of the time. What can cause this type of fatigue and what can you do about it?

There are a number of factors to consider:

• Are you getting enough sleep? If you’re only getting 5–6 hours each night, it’s not enough and it’s hard to make up for lost sleep. One night of lost sleep can take your body up to 2 weeks to fully recover from! Try to get at least 7–8 hours every night, and then see how you feel. Oh, and make sure your mattress isn’t causing a problem (see related article, Is Your Mattress at Fault?)

• Are you a chronic sufferer of “Super Mom Syndrome”? Are you the type of mom who just can’t say “NO” to the PTA? Your boss? The constant demands of children or aging parents? Charity organizations? Then you need to rethink the idea of saying “NO.” Practice, practice, practice and it will get easier every time!

• Do you have a condition that may be the cause of your fatigue? There are quite a few of them, including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anemia (especially if you have heavy periods or have just given birth), urinary tract infections, underactive thyroid, sleep apnea, food allergies and undiagnosed heart disease.

• Are you a heavy caffeine or energy drink consumer? While these may “seem” to give you a quick jolt of energy, they can actually cause the opposite effect in some women, making them even more tired. The solution? Cut back on your caffeine intake, ditch the energy drinks and remember that chocolate, teas, and some medications contain substantial caffeine levels.

Keep in mind that busy women need to find time for themselves to re-energize and go “back to the well.” You can’t possibly meet all the demands of today’s busy lifestyles without taking some time for you.  Keeping your immune system in optimal working condition also reduces the drain on your nervous system so it functions better to help you stay healthy.

And when you experience constant fatigue, upper neck misalignments can be the underlying factor.  Get the alignment of your spine evaluated, especially the upper neck where the majority of all nerves begin.  Problems in that vital area can be a major drain on your energy.  Getting your head on straight changes everything!

Find out more at www.nuccawellness.com or this blog

Call to schedule a no obligation complimentary consultation to see if NUCCA care is right for you today!!!


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Another patient who thoughts have changed since being under care.  The is a great story of a person getting their life back despite their skepticism!  Here is Margarita’s story…

“I had been in a car accident and my lower back was never the same after that.  I would get shooting pains down my right leg all the way to my foot almost daily.  It was very painful especially when I tried to exercise.  When Dr. Davis began adjusting me I was a bit skeptical that an upper neck adjustment could help me with my lower back.  But I had so much other treatment prior to coming to see Dr. Davis directed at my lower back…I figured why not! 

When I began to get adjusted I noticed that the my lower back started to go away.  I also noticed that the leg pain was going as well.  I have been under Dr. Davis’ care for over a year and I rarely have problems with my lower back.  I am able to exercise 3-4 times per week.  But something even more exciting has happened…since I was a little girl I have had problems with bladder infections (UTI’s).  I would get a Urinary Tract Infection about every 4-6 weeks.  The medical doctors could never figure out why.  A few months after seeing Dr. Davis my UTI’s have gone away and have not come back!

I am so excited about chiropractic!  I tell everyone I know that they need to be under regular chiropractic care for better health!

Margarita L.

Tell a Friend about NUCCA today!  Don’t let your skepticism keep you from getting healthy!

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Many of our patients are skeptical about what we do here at Breath of Life.  Because what we do here is different…we are not going to give you any medications, we are not going to do surgery on you, we are not going to pop, crack, twist, or pull on your head, neck or spine.  What we are going to do is we are going to make a specific correction on the problems on the spine and allow your body to begin the healing process.  As the body stays in normal alignment longer and longer periods of time the body gets healthier and healthier.  Simple as that!

Some of the most important things in life are the most profound…Corey find that out after being a patient at Breath of Life.  Here is his story…

“I had bad back pain from neck to tail bone.  It was uncomfortable to sleep, walk, get dressed and drive!  It was my hope that the pain would go away and I would regain my flexibility again.  Since I began care I have regained my flexibility and my pain is gone! 

But, I have also noticed decreased headaches, my sleep is better and I have more energy!  If anyone is looking to get their body balanced and regain their healthy lifestyle again…then I would highly recommend that you schedule a consultation.  I admit I was skeptical at first, but it really works! 

Thank you Dr. Davis the results I have seen have been amazing!”

Corey M.                                                                                Carlsbad CA

Who do you know who’s skepticism is keeping them from getting the help they need?  Tell a friend about this blog post or others like it (https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/sceptical-about-upper-cervical-care-this-story-is-for-you/) and get them to find the cause of their problem today!

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I frequently am asked by patients and others what is the difference between NUCCA and general chiropractic manipulation.  One of my patients described it very clearly in his testimonial…check it out

“During college I began suffering from lower back pain.  The pain became worse after graduating and I began working at a desk job.  Finally, I went to a traditional chiropractor.  After some rough adjustments and some stretches, my back pain went away.  However, the pain returned shortly thereafter and would get worse when sitting too long.

I was skeptical about NUCCA when I first heard about it, but I figured it was worth a try.  After the initial x-rays and the first adjustment, I felt immediate results and relief from the lower back pain.  After a few more adjustments, the pain was completely gone and hasn’t returned.  From my experience, I believe NUCCA care to be far more advanced than traditional chiropractic care.  There is no impact or stress on the body and the results are immediate and long-lasting.  Had I known about NUCCA in my first round of back pain I would have gone to the NUCCA Doctor first. 

But as I continued my NUCCA care I found out about the side effects.  I sleep better and noticed that I am more awake and alert during the day.  NUCCA is definitely something that I will continue to do for my health throughout my life. 

To others who are thinking about it…just do it…you only have your pain to lose!”

Brandon B.

Many patients are skeptical at first about NUCCA but the results speak for themselves…tell a friend about NUCCA today!

760-945-1345      www.nuccawellness.com

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Dr. Davis here from Vista CA…

In Ephesians 5:29 Paul says after all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church.  As Paul makes a point to husbands and wives regarding headship and submission he assumes that no one hates their body.  However, in today’s world many people are treating their bodies as if they hate them.  Ignoring the importance of God, not taking care of our nerve systems, filling our bodies with bad food, having a sedentary lifestyle, constantly filling our minds with negative thoughts and not getting the proper rest is our way of telling our bodies we do not like them very much.  

We can use the biblical principle of stewardship over our bodies to break through the sickness, obesity and disease that plague most Americans.  In fact, greater than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.  I have been given a passion by God to bring health and wellness education to the masses, beginning with my Christian brothers and sisters.  Our health can be a wonderful way to bring praise, honor and glory to God or it can become a form of idolatry.  Let me explain.  Regardless of whether we are healthy or not we can create idols of our bodies if we are not focused on temple stewardship.  If we are healthy, we can become prideful, legalistic, and vain or just focus on our health to excess.  If we are unhealthy we can also become idolatrous by our gluttony, laziness, or the focus of our minds on food.  In my opinion, this focusing of our minds is basically what all idolatry is in one way or another.  If we dwell on anything in our lives more than God we are putting that thing ahead of God.  The first and second commandments clearly indicate that we should not have any other god before him and that we should not make idols to worship in our lives.  Idols can be made with gold, silver and wood or we can make idols in our minds be placing something ahead of God in priority.  Temple stewardship must be the focus of our efforts to become healthier.  If not, the glory will go to us and not to the Lord where it belongs. 

What exactly is health?  Well the World Health Organization describes health “as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Through the following six distinct and inseparable parts the Foundation of Grace and the 5 Pillars of your Temple of Health and Wellness:

Balanced Body, Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well, Rest Well

Within each of us is a certain amount of health or vitality, think of it as a health reservoir.  As we age if we continually take out of the reservoir rather than replenishing it usually in our 30’s, 40’s or 50’s we will wake up one day and say “wow, what hit me”. (Roost-Health Reservoir)  I see this all the time in my practice.  A patient will come in and say “I don’t know what happened…suddenly in the past few months I am falling apart”.  Well, when you are a teenager or in your twenties you can do things like eat junk food, stay up late, play sports for hours because you have a lot of health left in the tank, the reservoir is near full for most of us.  But, as we age if we continue to ignore our bodies needs…our body will get our attention…usually with pain or sickness. 

“To know a person’s experiences from the past examine their body now.  To know a

person’s body in the future examine their experiences now.” 

Are you loving the body that God gave you or are you treating it with contempt?

Think about it…and make some positive changes in your health today!

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Meniere’s disease is a triad of symptoms that affects one ear…hearing loss, vertigo and ringing in the ear.  This condition can be debilitating.  In Dave’s case the vertigo was so severe that he was having a hard time driving.  The ringing in his ears was driving him crazy and the hearing loss was so severe that he was unable to hear his 2 year old daughter crying in the night if he was laying on his good ear.  Here is his story…

“I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease which included vertigo attacks, dizzy spells, ringing in the ear and fullness in the ear and hearing loss.  Since beginning care at Breath of Life Chiropractic all symptoms have improved.  The vertigo has stopped and the dizzy spells have diminished significantly.  The ringing in the ear and head has gone away completely!  The fullness sensation and hearing loss have also improved.  As an added bonus the lower back pain that I had suffered from for over 10 years has completely gone away! 

The NUCCA method is not a magic bullet treatment…your body needs time to heal.  But even three months into care I am still seeing positive changes in my health and life.  The personal relationship that has developed with Dr. Davis has been great.  It is very reassuring that someone else is so interested in my well being!  Thank you…Dr. Davis!”

David N.

Meniere’s Disease is a complex condition that many people struggle to find any answers for…the upper cervical spine has a unique connection to the function of the ear and many people have found the help that they need through upper cervical care.

Tell a Friend today…760-945-1345  www.nuccawellness.com

For more info about upper cervical and Meniere’s Disease check out these links… http://drtanase.com/2010/03/04/do-you-have-menieres-disease/ 



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Hello everyone…Dr. Davis here from Vista…who do you know that has been told that it is too late for them?  Their degeneration in their spine is too severe and they cannot be helped?  They have been told that surgery isn’t even an option anymore.  They will have to just take pain pills and wait to die!!!

Well sometimes there is another option…upper cervical chiropractic…here is Connie’s story…she was 82 when she first came to our office….

“I was having constant pain in my lower back and into my left leg, it was getting to the point that I couldn’t even sleep at night because of the pain.  I went to my medical doctor and after doing an MRI he told me that I was going to have to live with it because I had bone on bone degeneration in my lower back and I was too old for any surgery.  After hearing about Dr. Davis’ office I came in to see if he could help me.  Progress was very slow at first…it took almost 2 months to start feeling the pressure come off of my lower back and left leg.  But the longer I was under care the better I felt!  Not only has there been a dramatic reduction in my lower back pain but I am also sleeping so much better now and my energy level is way up!

I am a very active person and now I can do the things that I want to do again!  I can move so much easier…I just feel younger!  At 82 years old I feel more relaxed and more rested than I have in a very long time!  Thank you Dr. Davis and Breath of Life.”

Connie P.

How does realigning the head and the neck affect someone with pain and degenerative disc disease in their lower back?  Find out more here (https://nuccadoctordavis.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/lower-back-pain-and-nucca-whats-the-connection/)

Tell a Friend about Upper Cervical Care today!  760-945-1345  www.nuccawellness.com

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