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Dr. Davis here again from Vista.  Chronic Fatigue is a debilitating condition that can take years away from people…here is one such story….

“I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past 12 years and if I had a busy day it would take me up to two days to recover!  I have also had serious chronic muscle pain, leg pain, headaches, sleep problems an inability to take walks for exercise. 

 The first thing that changed was my energy level…since the first treatment, I began to notice that I only needed to lay down mid-day for a short time to recover…rather than the 2 days that I used to need just to get through the day.  I also noticed my headaches disappeared immediately.  My muscle pain has definitely improved and I use much less prescription pain killers.  My body feels “smooth” or at peace all over after an adjustment…wonderful!

 I would encourage anyone to come see Dr. Davis.  Especially anyone like me that has had long standing chronic health issues, don’t believe your body will stay the same and/or continue to deteriorate…there is great hope!!!  The most enjoyable part of Breath of Life is the true, genuine and tender concern for the patients which you experience the moment you first step into the office and it never quits.  Dr. Davis is a true Godsend and I am privileged to have him for my Doctor.” 

Mary M.      San Diego CA

Mrs. Morris has even made more progress since her first testimonial…check out her video testimonial here…3 minutes long…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDoPD3WSh2Y Long Lasting Results rather than just temporary relief!

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Dr. Davis here again from beautiful Vista CA….So I get asked alot what’s the difference between NUCCA and general chiropractic manipulation…so here is the answer….

The NUCCA Correction is very precise and very gentle without any of the popping, cracking, or twisting of the spine involved with general chiropractic manipulation.  NUCCA spinal care is focused on providing a patient with fast relief, maximum recovery and long lasting results. 

It is a lot like this…if you asked me for directions to my house and I said go down to the corner turn right then go a little while and turn left and then go some more and it should be on the right…!  What are the chances that you are going to make it to my house?  Not very good…what if instead I said go out and get in my car…I have a GPS already set to direct you from my office to my house…now what are the chances of getting to my house?  Much higher!!! That is just like specific upper cervical care vs. general chiropractic manipulation…the precision and specificity with which we work allows us to get more predictable results in the correction of the spine.  It is a lot like spinal engineering…physics, mathematics and biomechanics applied to the spine. 

Just when you thought you checked everything have you checked to see if your head is on straight?

See this article at the NUCCA blog site as well http://thenuccablog.com/what-is-the-difference-between-nucca-and-general-spinal-manipulation/

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