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First Rate Skeptic turned Advocate

 “I am a lawyer who happens to love softball.  My headaches began when I was involved in a horrendous collision on a softball field.  After going to several doctors over several months, I was unable to obtain any relief.  My head hurt 24 hours a day.  Prior to this time, I had never experienced headaches.

            A friend recommended Dr. Davis.  When I learned that Dr. Davis was a chiropractor, I refused to see him.  I previously had a bad experience with a chiropractor cracking my neck, so I wasn’t going to go there again.   However, when traditional doctors couldn’t help, I reluctantly decided to see Dr. Davis.

            At my first visit, I learned that Dr. Davis never twists or cracks your neck.  He is a NUCCA doctor.   His treatment was akin to receiving osteopathic manipulation from an osteopathic physician -very, very gentle and no neck cracking.

             The treatment was so gentle, that I wondered whether it would actually work.  Well, let me tell you, it really worked.  After several treatments, my headaches began to noticeably subside.  Prior to this, I was beginning to worry that these headaches might permanently be with me.

Now, this isn’t one of those fairy-tale testimonials, claiming that I was instantly healed the moment Dr. Davis first worked on me.   I had a serious injury and it was going to take time to fix my problem.   I resisted the urge to run when Dr. Davis told me that it would take several months of treatment to fix me.    Part of me was worried that he might be trying to make money off of me.  However, Dr. Davis’s authenticity (as well as his obvious expertise) forced me to face the truth that I might actually need several months of treatment.  I resisted my urge to run and came to the scheduled treatments.  And, boy, am I glad that I did.

Over the months, my headaches continued to subside.  Once the treatment was completed, I felt infinitely better.   Another strange byproduct of the treatment manifested itself  when I filled out the exit interview sheet.  While completing the form, I noted that I hadn’t been sick in over 6 months.  This is odd because I have two small daughters and usually catch 3 or 4 colds a winter season.  This past season, I had none (even though my wife and daughters were sick multiple times).    By aligning my neck with my spine, the healing messages from my brain were actually being distributed more clearly to my body.

Dr. Davis is a unique doctor.  If you’ve reached the end of your rope and can’t emotionally commit to trying out one more doctor, put that feeling aside.  This is truly something different.  You will feel better.  Period.  Take it from a guy who was a first-rate skeptic prior to meeting with Dr. Davis.    Thank you, Dr. Davis!”

 Craig F.                                                                                   March 29, 2010

San Diego, CA

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Medications are frequently used as a solution to symptoms…but obviously this is not getting to the cause of the problem.  All medications have side effects…why not get to the cause of the problem instead?  That is what one of our patients found through Upper Cervical Care…here is her story from Vista CA….

“When I first came to see Dr. Davis I had severe neck pain, lower back pain and headaches following a work injury.  I also had numbness and weakness into my arms and legs.  I was so weak all over my body…I was taking Advil at least 2-3 times per day.  Over a year and a half, I had been to other doctors and had MRI’s, X-Rays, physical therapy and general chiropractic.  But nothing was helping…I was just getting worse.  I was unable to work more than 4 hours at a time and I couldn’t do many of my daily activities with my family.

 Now not only has the pain almost completely gone away and my arms and legs are getting stronger but I also have more energy, I sleep better and for the last 3 years I have had problems in my lungs (Chronic bronchitis) it has completely gone away!  I am losing weight now because I am so much more active.  I am doing better at work…and my hours have been able to increase.  I am cooking my favorite recipes again for my family, I can go walking and share time with them and take care of my children.

 There are 3 things that I would say to anyone who is considering care in this office…first, your health will be better and the pain will go away, second, all of your body will be working better and you won’t need medications, and third you will feel more relaxed and more happy!

 I have recovered my health and I am so happy with your work…I tell everyone.  Thank You Breath of Life!”

Mrs. Cardona has referred over 10 patients to our office in the past few months…Thank you Mrs. Cardona for spreading the word of Upper Cervical Care to our community!

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All children should have their spine checked for misalignments as early as possible.  The birth process, early childhood accidents or injuries can lead to a variety of different health problems…It is much easier to grow healthy kids than it is to repair damaged adults!…Here is one such story from our office…

“We are so thankful to God for Breath of Life Chiropractic.  Our three year old son, Carter, has been under Dr. Davis’ care since mid-2009 and under chiropractic care since he was one week old.  He has never had an ear infection or any illness more serious than the common cold.  Throughout his life, our son has been checked regularly and adjusted as needed.  Thanks to Dr. Davis’ care and God’s healing power, Carter has never taken Tylenol or any other medications.

 Dr. Davis’ professionalism and care for children is remarkable.  He treats our son with compassion, empathy and love during each interaction.  Carter loves to visit with Dr. Bill (that’s how Carter addresses Dr. Davis).  In fact, we view Dr. Davis as Carter’s primary care physician.  On the rare occasions when Carter has a cold (only 6 in his life), Dr. Davis has evaluated Carter for any subluxations and provides adjustments appropriately.  Every time that Carter has a fever, we have taken him to see Dr. Davis.  After Carter’s adjustment, his fever always decreases or has been eliminated completely!  

 We highly recommend Breath of Life Chiropractic to parents who want their children to remain healthy and drug free.  Chiropractic care has been life-changing for our family.  We are thrilled to share with others that our three year old son is healthy and drug free because of God’s grace and the care he has received through Dr. Bill Davis.”

Mr. & Mrs. Calfin      Vista CA               March 2010

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Dr. Davis here from Vista…..There is 2 main things that keep people from getting health problems properly evaluated…one is procrastination (maybe it will go away) the other is money.  But what is your health worth to you?  What do we spend money on?  Starbucks?  Dinners out?  Cable TV?  We spend much more money on the house that we live in 10 hours a day then the body we spend in 24 hours a day.  Think about it…our health is much more important than most of us realize…when you lose your health that definately gets your attention here is one such example from our office at Breath of Life…

“After falling down some stairs I suffered with upper back pain for several years.  I tried regular chiropractic adjustments but they didn’t help.  Then I hurt my lower back and was completely flat for several weeks.  The medicine the medical doctors gave me caused more problems, including an allergic reaction to the steroid that is commonly used for inflammation.  I was completely incapacitated for over 6 weeks and had a severe headache for 5 ½ months!  After every test imaginable and trying several medications, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture I had just given up.  I was to the point that I didn’t care what the diagnosis was as long as I knew what was causing my severe pain, imbalance, lack of coordination and extreme fatigue. 

 Then a dear friend, who had previously told me about Dr. Davis, had him send me a letter about his evaluation special.  I really didn’t expect any help but figured I didn’t have anything to lose.  I began with an attitude that this too would not work….Boy was I wrong!  From the very first treatment I felt some relief.  After the first three treatments I was completely sold on the NUCCA process.  There was no cracking, popping or pills, just a very gentle motion that has made a world of difference in my life! 

 I not only have no pain, my sinuses are clear and my balance and coordination is greatly improved.  It’s amazing the first day you wake up and realize that something is strangely different-you have no pain!

 It’s wonderful to be pain free and to actually live a wonderful outgoing life again.  In fact, were going to Disneyland with our son and his family in a few weeks.  This never would have been possible before my treatments with Dr. Davis.

For the doubters like I was-you have nothing to lose and everything to gain-an active, healthy, wonderful life!”

Linda D.  November 2009

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Dr. Davis here again from Vista CA…

This week I want to encourage you to trust the design of your body.  If you have a symptom that is a sign that your body is not working the way that it was designed.  What needs to change?  The way you eat?  The way you sleep?  Your exercise routine or lack there of?  The way you handle stress?  Or is it something else…body imbalance the best kept secret in health is the underlying cause of hundreds of different health problems.  NUCCA corrects body imbalance so the structure of the body is in alignment and the body can work the way that it was designed again…simple but extremely powerful.

Here is an example from a 20 year old patient who was feeling more like an 80 year old….

“I had severe lower back pain which affected my entire left side.  My entire left side was cramped and I had no feeling in my left leg.  I couldn’t sleep, had headaches all the time and I had severe indigestion. 

 Since I started my care I no longer have the lower back pain, my entire left side has feeling again.  My range of motion has increased dramatically!  And I can sleep through the night and I rarely have a headache anymore.

 I can now go to events without having to be worried about using the bathroom.  I’m more active at work…and I can live like a 20 year old should!

I would encourage anyone to just do it!  There is nothing to lose but your pain and reclaim your life back again.  Live in the design God created you to be!”                                         Alex R.   October 2009

Reclaim your life with NUCCA Spinal Care!


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Dr. Davis here again from Vista…numbness, tingling, weakness in the arms is a common condition that will arise when the spine is out of normal alignment.  Patients will usually have a history of head or neck trauma that will tear loose connective tissues which leads to a weakness and the spine then locks into an abnormal position.  Over time pressure begins to accumulate into the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves (most importantly).  When the normal alignment is restored the nerves will begin to heal and the numbness and other symptoms will begin do dissipate.  Who do you know that suffers from this type of condition and may have tried many things and may even be considering surgery!?  With knowledge comes responsibilty…tell them about upper cervical care and see if they can be helped.  Here is one of our patients who was referred to us by another patient….

“Nothing helped me until I saw Dr. Davis

 I had a strong pain in my upper back into my right arm for over 6 years…it had gotten so severe that my arm would get numb all the way into my fingers especially when I would work on the computer.  I had been to a medical doctor who told me that I had a herniated disc in my lower neck and had been prescribed physical therapy with no results.  I had been taking painkillers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants but nothing helped me until I saw Dr. Davis.

 Since beginning care all of my severe pain is gone.  My sleep is so much better.  I use to get a heart beating sound in my ears when I slept…it is gone!  The treatment here is very different and I strongly recommend it.  Just try it and see the results!

 I think that God is blessing this office and I thank God that Dr. Davis is an excellent and caring doctor.  I thank him so much!”

Kim J.      April 2009

Find out more info at www.nuccawellness.com

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Dr. Davis here again from Vista….Migraine Headaches are something that we see a lot of at Breath of Life…we have been blessed to help tons of people who have chronic tension headaches, Migraines, cluster headaches and more.  If your head hurts it could be because you have a misalignment in your upper neck putting pressure on the nerves that go up into the head.  Here is one example…Jen L. came to us with severe Migraines…she was getting up to 30 Migraines per month!  This was severely affecting her work at school…she is a college student and she was concerned that she was going to have a hard time getting employment after school.  She also noticed that the medications that once took the symptoms of the headache away…weren’t working as well…so she had to take heavier duty meds…including narcotics!

Well the Migraines slowly starting going away from 30 to 3 the first month under care to 2 per month and now to 1 per month from 30!  She hopes with continued care that she will have a month completely free of Migraines soon.  Praise God for the changes in Jennifer’s life because of upper cervical care.

Who do you know that has Migraines or any type of Headache?  Find the cause…don’t cover the symptoms anymore!

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Today we are going to discuss a rare and debilitating condition that few doctors have even heard of, let alone have any clue what the cause is….

“According to Wikipedia…Brachioradial pruritis (sometimes abbreviated BRP) is an intense itching sensation of the arm usually between the shoulder and elbow of either or both arms.  The itch can be so intense that sufferers will scratch their own skin to a bleeding condition. The cause is not known, although there are a few lines of thought on what causes it. No cure has been found. Many different medications and types of topical creams have been experimented with, but none seem to make any difference. The only thing that seems to help most sufferers is the application of ice to the area until the itch is diminished.”

So imagine that your arms itch all the time and it gets worse at night.  Keeping you awake and creating fatigue and other problems that are severely affecting your work and family life.  You go to the medical doctor and he says it must be some kind of dermatitis.  He refers you to a Dermatologist.  They give you creams and antihistamines trying to control some kind of allergic reaction.  But you have no improvement the only thing that helps is putting ice on your arms.  So you stay up half the night with ice on your arms wondering what is happening with you?!  Is it all in your head?  Are you imagining these sensations?

In the literature one possible cause is compression of the cervical nerve roots.  The most common treatments medication for pain, allergy pills and creams!?  What!?  If the probable cause is compression or irritation of the nerves that come out of the neck…why don’t we take the pressure off?  Get to the cause and allow the nerves to heal?

Again from Wikipedia…”The main cause of BRP is not known but there is evidence to suggest that BRP may arise in the nervous system Cervical spine disease may be an important contributing factor.”

Look at the neck!!!  Why do we cover up symptoms rather than finding the cause?  If you struggle with Brachioradial Pruritis…there is hope…upper cervical care may be the answer.  If you can realign the neck and take pressure off of the nerves and keep it that way…not through manipulation where it works for a little while and then comes right back…but through truly realigning the spinal column you can get your life back!!!

Here is Jennifer’s story from our office…

“When I first came to the office I was looking for relief from severe burning and itching in my arms.  I also had muscle tightness and spasms in my upper back and neck.  I was unable to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time due to the itching.  I had tried multiple treatments including Benadryl, topical ointments and creams with no results.

 Since beginning care I had almost instant relief of the burning and itching in my arms.  My neck and upper back feel much better.  The muscle spasms and tenderness are much less.  And I can sleep through the night again.

 The care at Breath of Life is thorough and complete…no surprises.  Dr. Davis and staff are very informative, pleasant and accommodating!                Jen E., Encinitas CA

Dr. William R. Davis Jr., D.C. is a Oceanside Chiropractor and Upper Cervical Specialist. He is in private practice in Southern California in the city of Vista. He specializes in correcting problems in the upper cervical spine (upper neck). This vital area is intimately connected to the central nervous system and problems in this area have been shown to be an underlying cause of a variety of different health problems. More information can be found on his website at http://www.nuccawellness.com

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This is Dr. Davis writing from lovely Vista California again…. 

Ear infections are caused when the ear is not properly draining fluid.  The fluid builds up over time until it becomes more susceptible to infection…just like standing water.  Antibiotics treat the infection but not the reason that the infection is present…so the ear infections usually come back.  If they continue to come back the next course of action from a medical perspective is to force the ears to drain by putting tubes in.  Why not correct the cause?  If the nerves that control the ears and the fluid release are not properly working then the fluid will not drain…release the pressure from the nerves and the ear works like it was designed again…Praise God!  Here is one mother’s story from our office…

 “My 2 year old son had been suffering from chronic ear infections ever since he was born.  In 2 years he had been on antibiotics 12 times for ear infections!  His pediatrician was talking to us about putting tubes in his ears.  Kanan’s bowels were really not doing good with all of those antibiotics as well.

 Kanan’s ear infections stopped returning after his first visit!  We bring him in now every few months just to keep him healthy.  No more antibiotics and no tubes!!

 Don’t be afraid!  The procedure is very gentle.  There is no cracking, popping or anything that will hurt or cause pain to your baby.  And the loving, calming atmosphere and genuine concern for my son’s health is wonderful.”

 -Theresa (The Mommy)  San Marcos, CA

What do you think?  Let me know below…does this make sense to you?

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Here is another amazing story of Upper Cervical Care and the importance of getting your head on straight….We love Maureen’s story and the hope she provides for so many others. 

Check out her 3 minute video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ozxipt-HJw or read her story below…

When Maureen was a child she was involved in a serious car crash that nearly killed her…but she made a full recovery…or so she thought!  One day about 20 years later she was throwing away something in a dumpster at her work and her entire spinal column locked up and she could barely stand.  Excruciating lower back pain and sciatica.  About a month later Maureen was involved in a car crash again which severly damaged her neck.  The next 8 years were a rollercoaster for her.  From a healthy young women to a woman who was disabled, unable to stand or walk without the use of crutches or a wheelchair and very depressed.  She spent over $50,000 over those 8 years trying to find an answer to why her legs were so weak and where all the pain was coming from.  In Summer of 2008 God brought Maureen here to Breath of Life Chiropractic.  And we were able to identify the cause of Maureen’s problems.  Misalignments in the upper neck creating pressure in the brain stem and spinal cord was the major issue for Maureen.  The original accident as a child had caused a weakness to develop within her spinal structure which led to the breakdown that occured all those years later.  By taking the pressure off of the brain stem Maureen began to heal…eventually the crutches and wheelchair were a distant memory and Maureen was able to go back to school to become a massage therapist.  She now stands up to 6 hours a day doing massages.  Praise God for bringing her here to be healed. 

Find out more a www.nuccawellness.com

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