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Upper Cervical specific care requires no popping, cracking or twisting of the spine.  If you have always been nervous about getting your neck manipulated…you should know that their is another way…here is a story of a patient from our office who not only loves the results that we get but also how we get them…

“When I first came to Dr. Davis I had been experiencing constant neck pain for over 8 years.  It was getting worse with time.  Every night before bed I was rubbing my neck and left shoulder with therapeutic balm and taking pain pills.  The condition was waking me up at night.  I had been to medical doctors, physical therapists and general chiropractors with little results.

 Since being under the care of Dr. Davis I have seen 90% of my neck pain go away.  My shoulder is much better as well.  If you don’t like getting your head and neck pulled and twisted to fix your problems than come see Dr. Davis for a much different experience.  A gentle way of correcting the spine.

 I love the total experience at Breath of Life from the gentle adjustments to the quiet room for resting, the soft chairs and the soft music.”

Linda B.                                                                                                                        May 2010  

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Scoliosis is frequently present in patients who have had long standing upper cervical misalignments.  When the weight of the head is not properly balanced on top of the spinal column due to accidents and injuries early in life hips, shoulders and legs can be imbalanced causing a person’s spine to grow in a distorted way…a curvature develops where there shouldn’t be one…a scoliosis.  Patients will frequently come to see us after the scoliosis has already developed…a more productive approach is to stop scoliosis in children at an early age…all kids under 12 should be checked by an upper cervical specialist to investigate for the first signs of a scoliosis.  But even in adulthood upper cervical care can have make a tremendous impact…..Here is a patient in her late 60’s….

“When I first came to see Dr. Davis as was having severe neck pain and stiffness it was really draining me.  I have a history of scoliosis and if my spine is out of adjustment I suffer.  I could not turn my neck right or left without turning my whole body. 

Since beginning care I have seen a big improvement with my neck.  I am able to move it to the right and left, back and forward with only a little pain occasionally.  I have much more energy now and I am sleeping so much better. 

I believe most body pain stems from the spine being out of alignment and from my experience NUCCA Chiropractors are the best at putting the spine back into a normal alignment.  Dr. Davis makes me feel like he actually cares about me and wants me to get better!”

Victoria R.                                                                                                                    Vista CA

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Atlas & Axis-the top 2 bones in the neck

My prayer would be that all people across this country who get chronic headaches would be evaluated by an upper cervical specialist.  Headaches are so frequently caused by upper cervical misalignments that it is almost guaranteed that an upper cervical doctor could help you!  Here is one such story from Breath of Life in Vista CA….

“When I first came to see Dr. Davis I was suffering from pain in the top of my neck, cramping in my shoulders and headaches constantly for nearly a month straight.  I was eating between 10-12 Tylenol per day just to function.  Before they increased in intensity I had neck problems for the past 4 years.  I have had headaches for nearly 40 years. 

 Since Dr. Davis began adjusting my atlas, I immediately noticed the pain in my neck and the headaches almost disappear.  I have better concentration, my sleep is better, and a better disposition overall!  I would encourage anyone who suffers from any ailment, that western medicine treats by reaction, to give Chiropractic, especially a NUCCA Doctor the opportunity to help you.

 Dr. Davis runs a very professional office.  He is extremely patient, cordial and reassuring.”

L. McMahon                                                                                    Vista CA

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