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Hello again Dr. Davis here from Vista California…I recently had a patient come in and tell me that her 12 year old daughter has decided that she wants to be a NUCCA doctor!  What an awesome impact that upper cervical care has made on this family….

The mom-Maria came in first…she had been injured at work and was told that her only option was surgery for the weakness that she was experiencing in her hand.  She had tremendous results and is back to work and using her hand again.  She then referred in her husband and 12 year old daughter.  Her husband-Ernesto had chronic lower back pain…he has been a patient for over 6 months and his most recent progress exam shows that he is 80-90 % improved!  The daughter-Adriana was born with hearing problems and speech problems that have greatly affected her school work.  She also has been a patient for several months and her hearing and speech have improved and her grades are up!  She describes that she is able to think clearer than ever before!  Now she has been inspired to want to help others with upper cervical care. 

We love to see the impact that upper cervical care has on our community…and we are excited to see the impact that Adriana will have on the community that she serves in the future! 

Tell a friend about upper cervical care today!  www.nuccawellness.com

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All children should have their spine checked for misalignments as early as possible.  The birth process, early childhood accidents or injuries can lead to a variety of different health problems…It is much easier to grow healthy kids than it is to repair damaged adults!…Here is one such story from our office…

“We are so thankful to God for Breath of Life Chiropractic.  Our three year old son, Carter, has been under Dr. Davis’ care since mid-2009 and under chiropractic care since he was one week old.  He has never had an ear infection or any illness more serious than the common cold.  Throughout his life, our son has been checked regularly and adjusted as needed.  Thanks to Dr. Davis’ care and God’s healing power, Carter has never taken Tylenol or any other medications.

 Dr. Davis’ professionalism and care for children is remarkable.  He treats our son with compassion, empathy and love during each interaction.  Carter loves to visit with Dr. Bill (that’s how Carter addresses Dr. Davis).  In fact, we view Dr. Davis as Carter’s primary care physician.  On the rare occasions when Carter has a cold (only 6 in his life), Dr. Davis has evaluated Carter for any subluxations and provides adjustments appropriately.  Every time that Carter has a fever, we have taken him to see Dr. Davis.  After Carter’s adjustment, his fever always decreases or has been eliminated completely!  

 We highly recommend Breath of Life Chiropractic to parents who want their children to remain healthy and drug free.  Chiropractic care has been life-changing for our family.  We are thrilled to share with others that our three year old son is healthy and drug free because of God’s grace and the care he has received through Dr. Bill Davis.”

Mr. & Mrs. Calfin      Vista CA               March 2010

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This is Dr. Davis writing from lovely Vista California again…. 

Ear infections are caused when the ear is not properly draining fluid.  The fluid builds up over time until it becomes more susceptible to infection…just like standing water.  Antibiotics treat the infection but not the reason that the infection is present…so the ear infections usually come back.  If they continue to come back the next course of action from a medical perspective is to force the ears to drain by putting tubes in.  Why not correct the cause?  If the nerves that control the ears and the fluid release are not properly working then the fluid will not drain…release the pressure from the nerves and the ear works like it was designed again…Praise God!  Here is one mother’s story from our office…

 “My 2 year old son had been suffering from chronic ear infections ever since he was born.  In 2 years he had been on antibiotics 12 times for ear infections!  His pediatrician was talking to us about putting tubes in his ears.  Kanan’s bowels were really not doing good with all of those antibiotics as well.

 Kanan’s ear infections stopped returning after his first visit!  We bring him in now every few months just to keep him healthy.  No more antibiotics and no tubes!!

 Don’t be afraid!  The procedure is very gentle.  There is no cracking, popping or anything that will hurt or cause pain to your baby.  And the loving, calming atmosphere and genuine concern for my son’s health is wonderful.”

 -Theresa (The Mommy)  San Marcos, CA

What do you think?  Let me know below…does this make sense to you?

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