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Dr. Davis here from Vista California

How does a Brain Stem Subluxation (a problem in the upper neck) cause you to not be able to sleep?  Are you a person who has a hard time falling asleep?  Staying asleep?  Or you just can’t turn your brain off?  Maybe you do sleep but you wake up in the morning just as tired as you were when you went to bed?  Even when you get enough sleep?

It has been known for some 40 years that waking and consciousness depend upon nerve cells within an area of the brainstem called the reticular formation. The Brain stem is a part of the brain that dips down into the top part of you neck (upper cervical spine).  These nerve cells activate portions of your brain that produce wakefulness and in turn sleep.

Magoun states that the central reticular formation of the brain stem exerts ascending (up to the brain) and descending (down from the brain) influences upon the cerebral cortex and upon the motor outflows from the spinal cord.  Tractionization of the brain stem by a misalignment in the upper neck causes a disruption in the function of the reticular formation of the brain stem resulting in a variety of postural changes verified by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Foundation. 

So when a person has accidents and injuries that tear loose the connective tissue that hold the spine in place it will create a weakness and allow the spine to begin to breakdown and lock into a stressed position.  And this is a progressive condition…so the longer the spine is left in that state the worse it gets.  This tractionization on the brain stem is the underlying cause of the sleep problems in so many of our patients.  A Simple postural and neurological evaluation by an upper cervical specific chiropractor will tell you whether or not you have this common condition.

Who do you know that isn’t sleeping?  We spend a third of our lives in bed…how important is it to our work, family, and personal lives that our sleep is good and restful?

If your life is not what it should be because of sleeping problems, then you should be evaluated by an Upper Cervical Specialist as soon as possible. 

Get your head on straight and get back to sleeping the way that you should.

Find out more info at www.nuccawellness.com for those in Southern California.

Anywhere else in the country go to www.nucca.org or www.upcspine.org



God Bless and Be Well,

Dr. Bill Davis

Upper Cervical Specialist

Breath of Life Chiropractic













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